Child's Play: Cub Reporter Bags Obama

11-year old reporting phenom goes one-on-one with Obama

He's interviewed Oprah, D-Wade and now President Obama. No, we're not talking about Rush Limbaugh, Anderson Cooper or Larry King.

Damon Weaver already has a resume to match all of those big shot media powers, and he's only 11.

Weaver, who will be starting the 6th grade next week at Canal Point Elementary in Palm Beach, was at the White House on Thursday to grill the president for an hour on issues much deeper than his favorite cartoon growing up and if he was bullied in school.

Looking dapper in a dark suit and tie, the seasoned reporter didn't shy away from the tough questions, tackling hot button issues like healthcare reform, education funding and crime.

"All across America, money is being cut from education. How can education be improved with all these cuts?" Weaver peppered the Prez.

"We think it's important to put more money into the schools, but money alone is not going to make the difference, we've also got to improve how the schools are operating," Obama responded.

"Do you have the power to make the school lunches better?" Weaver asked.

"Well, you know, I remember when I used to get school lunches sometimes they didn't taste so good, I gotta admit," confessed Obama. "We are actually seeing if we can work to at least make school lunches healthier."  

It is to be noted, that D-Wade should be credited with an assist on this one. The Heat star promised to play Obama one-on-one if the President gave Weaver an interview.

When Weaver asked whether the President would take up the challenge and play Wade, Obama wavered a bit.

"I would play Dwyane Wade...I gotta admit though, Dwyane Wade's a little bit better at basketball than I am. I might rather have him on my team playing against somebody else than playing against him," Obama said.

No word on when or if that battle of the native Chicago titans will go down, but we expect it to be a pay-per-view event with Weaver as a sideline reporter.

At the end of the interview, Weaver noted that during his interview with Biden, the two became homeboys, and he asked Obama if they could be homeboys too.

"Absolutely," Obama said.

Wade and Weaver

Meanwhile, the Palm Beach Post is proclaiming Weaver as the youngest journalist to ever interview a president. While we're sure the Guinness Book of Records is scurrying to confirm that little nugget, Weaver finds himself in a bit of a pickle.

Now that he has notched the president on his belt, where does he go from here in his career? Retirement?

Maybe there will be an announcement on Weaver's future at his noon press conference on the White House lawn. Yes, he is in fact having a presidential-like press conference today.

And yes, we should all be jealous.

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