Cuba Tells OAS to Kick Rocks

Apparently "graveless cadaver" is synonymous with "thanks, but no thanks"

When Cuba decides to reject your offer for peace, be prepared to get your feelings hurt.

Last week, the Organization of American States took what many thought was an unprecedented step by lifting its suspension of the Communist nation and allowing Cuba back into the international group. Well, OAS didn't have to wait long for a response to the gracious gesture.

In a statement published in the Cuban government newspaper Granma, Cuba called the OAS a graveless cadaver, according to the Miami Herald. Ouch! But to ease the sting of the name-calling, Fidel Castro and the crew did thank ally nations for the OAS' efforts to correct, what, in their eyes, was a "historic and illegal error" made in 1962 when it gave Cuba the boot for its alliance with the Soviet Union. Very classy.

Here's a little more of the Cuban rejection/response:

''Ever since the triumph of the revolution, the Organization of American States has taken an active part in support of Washington's policy of hostility toward Cuba. It made official the economic blockade, arranged for the embargo of arms and strategic products and stipulated the obligation that its member countries should break diplomatic relations with our revolutionary state... It is an organization with a role and trajectory that Cuba repudiates.''

Somebody get OAS a raw steak for that eye because that's a mean jab Cuba is throwing these days.

Cuba in the past has called OAS a tool of the United States, so getting bashed shouldn't be new for the international group. It's just that recently Cuba under Raul Castro has put on a kinder, gentler face - meeting with U.S. officials and talking of moving forward in a non-threatening manner. Even Fidel posed for Facebook-worthy pics.

OAS may have to wait another 47 years before Cuba decides to add them as a friend.

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