Cuban Cigars Are Coming to South Florida

South Florida cigar shops will soon be able to carry cigars from Cuba, after the United States announced restriction changes on Thursday.

"It's something you get from someone who went to Cuba and contraband it in, now you won't feel like you're doing something illegal. You get to enjoy it more often, the quality is going to be better," Mari Navarro said.

Although the changes take effect Friday, it will take time for local shops to stock up on the cigars.

"It's so new and fresh, no one knows what the further steps are going to be," Navarro said.

It is unclear how much money the cigars will bring to local businesses but some have mixed feelings on the changes.

"Money can't get to the families in the past, millions of dollars have been going to Cuba and the only one benefiting is the government," Jose Guerra said.

Some business owners are remaining hopeful that this will be a game-changer for the Cuban people.

"This is a start, it hasn't worked for 50+ years so hopefully this will be a different movement toward the better of all," Navarro said. 

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