CubaOne Foundation Writes Letter to President Trump Ahead of Expected Miami Speech Friday

Ahead of President Trump’s expected trip to Miami this Friday – where he is expected to announce rollbacks to several changes in the U.S. policy toward Cuba enacted by his predecessor – a group of young Cuban Americans are asking the president to consider several issues when it comes to relations between the two countries.

The CubaOne Foundation, a group working toward getting those in America to reconnect with family, friends and peers in Cuba, penned an open letter on asking Trump to consider several issues important to the organization.

“While much of our efforts would not be possible without the policy changes that began on December 17, 2014, our work transcends Washington’s politics, administrations, and political parties. We are willing to work with any administration,” the group wrote in part.

“As the children and grandchildren of political prisoners, Pedro Pan refugees, Bay of Pigs veterans, and people who fled Cuba on the Mariel boatlift, we understand the pain of exile and the importance of human rights.”

The group has asked for Trump to consider several issues, including making it easier for Cuban Americans to travel to the island and help family members – while also asking to maintain the American embassy in Havana that was proposed as part of sweeping changes in policy by former President Barack Obama.

Trump will reportedly give a speech at the Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami – a symbol for many Cuban Americans in the area – in which he is expected to scale back or change policy on several moves Obama made during his final years in office to help thaw relations between the countries.

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