Customs Agents Find Cocaine, Cobras in the Mail

People send the darnedest thing in the mail these days, including cocaine-laced diapers and venomous snakes in wine bottles

Care packages can come in all shapes and sizes and contain odd treats, but cocaine and snakes?

That's what U.S. Customs agents found in two separate packages at a Miami post office. The quarter-pound of cocaine was was stuffed inside a diaper and mixed in with t-shirts and candy bars, standard items for any coveted care packages.

The package was intercepted before it could make it to its destination, but it wasn't the most shocking discovery on Tuesday.

Agents found a cobra and several other poisonous snakes stuffed inside glass bottles and filled with alcohol. Agents think it is the ever popular "snake wine," an alcoholic beverage popular among the Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian residents.

The snakes poison dissolves in the liquor, giving the drink its punch - albeit a lethal one. That must leave a mean hang over.

Both packages did not have sender addresses and were found at express mail service centers.

So if you haven't received your snake or cocaine care packages, give the feds a call. Or just ask grandma to send some underwear and chips next time.

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