D-Wade Unleashes Alter Ego at Sporting Goods Store

Heat fans, meet Gordon

wade as gordon

Former Miami Hurricane Clinton Portis has about 50 alter egos, but even without the disguises it would be hard to pick him out of a line up.

You wouldn't think the same would apply for Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, who has been on the cover of fashion magazines and is the leader of one of the most hated teams in sports today.

But in an exercise that had to be humbling, Flash found out he isn't as recognizable as we think he is.

In a hilarious YouTube.com clip, Wade dresses up as a Dick's Sporting Goods employee, codename Gordon, and hands out Gatorade to customers, who have no earthly clue who he is. Wade is disguised, and we use that term very loosely, in a bad curly afro and some glasses.

That's pretty much it.

Wade is Gordon

Now if Wade tried this anywhere in Miami, he would be mobbed immediately and military operatives in Heat jerseys would shower rubber bullets into the crowd.

But the clip is in some random store with people who clearly aren't Heat fans. One guy said he doesn't watch basketball at all. Even after Wade revealed himself as a mega NBA star, the dude still had no clue why he was being prohibited from continuing his shopping.

Heat fans (and non-Heat fans), meet Gordon.

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