“Da Mayor of Miami” Trick Daddy Diagnosed With Lupus

Miami rap icon is battling deadly disease

The man that brought national attention back to the Miami rap has been noticeably absent from the scene in the past year.

And with good reason.

Trick Daddy, also known as Miami's other mayor, has been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus, a debilitating immune system disease which makes the rapper highly sensitive to sunlight. Daddy Dollars, 35, made the revelation on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show while doing a local radio interview promoting his autobiography.

“I was trying to get rid of Acid – for dry skin that black folks used to have. [Dr. Betty Bellman] did biopsies and all types of blood tests and told me I had the disease Lupus," he said.

T Double D (he goes by so many names) was lucky in one respect. He does not have the most common and most serious form of the disease, systemic lupus, which causes the body's natural defense systems against outside diseases to attack healthy organs and tissues.

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