Dad Takes Plea Deal in Dog Mauling Death of Young Son

A Miami man facing a manslaughter charge in the dog mauling death of a young son will spend four years in prison after agreeing to a plea deal Monday.

Javon Dade Sr., 30, had been facing up to 30 years in prison in the death of 4-year-old Javon Dade Jr., who was mauled to death in his family's backyard in August 2014.

Dade Sr. and his attorney both cried as he accepted the plea deal, as did the child's mother Doreen Reyes.

"It was just a tragic accident and I got very close to Mr. Dade. I very much believe in this matter and so that's what it was," attorney Adam Goodman said.

"I could have never even imagined this happening," Dade Sr. said.

The body of Javon Dade Jr. was found in overgrown grass in the family's back yard after he was reported missing. When Dade Sr. went to check on his son around 9:20 a.m., he wasn't in his bedroom, the report said. Police arrived and found the body in the yard.

In the medical examiner's report, exclusively obtained by NBC 6, it shows the child's face, neck and most of the scalp missing after the dog attack. One dog, Tank, was euthanized after the attack.

"There's no equity when the victim is a 4-year-old mauled in horrible circumstances by a pack of dogs," prosecutor Santiago Aroca said.

Police said Dade Sr. and his girlfriend, Alessandra Carrasco, had spent the night and early morning smoking marijuana cigarettes laced with cocaine. Carrasco has also been charged with manslaughter and is awaiting her trial.

Dade Sr. was released Monday and will begin serving his sentence in two weeks.

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