Dancing Duo D’Angelo and Amanda Share America’s Got Talent Experience

AGT finalists D'Angelo and Amanda share their experience of making it to the top 12 in the competition.

South Florida native and former America's Got Talent contestant D'Angelo Castro said he's never been to the beach because he's always practicing his dancing.

“Underneath all this makeup, I’m really really white, and I’ve never been to the beach,” he said.

Castro and his dancing partner Amanda Carbajales recently returned from Radio City Music Hall in New York City as season eight finalists on NBC's America’s Got Talent.

The duo was known as "D'Angelo and Amanda."

“It was amazing being on the show, it was such a great experience. Especially because we’re at such a young age,” 12-year-old Castro said.

The duo advanced to the top 12 in the final rounds of the show.

13-year old Amanda Carbajales believes that was just the beginning.

“There’s so much more to come. And it was just great. We met so many wonderful people,” Carbajales said.

Castro was not only a competitor on the show, but he also is the older brother of season eight competitor Ruby Castro from the dance group "Ruby and Jonas." Ruby made it to week five of the quarterfinals.

“When Ruby was eliminated I felt so bad, but I didn’t feel that bad because we went through! But I still feel really bad for my little sister because I love her so much,” Castro said.

Castro said although he’s the bigger brother, he thanks his sister for her motivation and support.

“I’m the bigger brother so I have to act with more respect and she acts a little bit more sassy but I love my sister so much and I know I had to be for her at that moment,” he said.

With a large fan base in South Florida, Carbajales appreciates the support.

“It’s just an honor to have such amazing fans and my family and friends are just so great. They support me in everything I do and I just thank them so much for that,” Carbajales said.

Season nine auditions for America’s Got Talent will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday.

“Just go out with a bunch of confidence, don’t be nervous because yeah, first we were nervous and all, but when you get on stage it just feels amazing to be able to show your talents and for everybody to be able to appreciate it. It’s just the best feeling ever,” Carbajales said.

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