Federal Authorities Seize Dangerous Toys

The federal government warns consumers that some imported bargain toys don't meet U.S. safety standards

Hundreds of imported toys have been seized from the Port of Miami and the airport by U.S. Customs and Border protection because they’re considered unsafe.

“You see what we have here, from the choking hazards to the impact injury and possible suffocation” said Miami Field Office Director Vernon Foret.  

There were dozens of examples on display. Kinder Eggs are chocolate covered treats with a plastic toy inside. Foret pointed out that is a chocking hazard for small children.
Toy trucks, ping pong paddles, back packs and lunch bags, the handles on a scooter all were found to have excessive amounts of lead.  
In the field, inspectors use a hand held device to detect lead in imported toys. When they fail, they are sent to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)  for more tests.
“With small children we all know that they love to take toys and put them in their mouths. A toy like this with high lead content, the lead can be transferred to the child present a hazard,” said Foret.
US Customs also urges travelers and importers to stop bringing walking balls into the United States. They are giant clear plastic spheres often used to walk on water. There’s a risk of drowning if used on water and suffocation. There’s an air tight opening to get in but no zipper on the inside to get out.
The types of toys on display are mostly sold at bargain stores and flea markets.
Some toys, even brand name ones, make it to stores and are later recalled. So far this year CPSC has issued 29 toy hazards. For more information click here.
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