Car Spins Out of Control, Hits 18-Wheeler Before Fleeing on I-95

A dashcam video shows a car spinning out of control and hitting an 18-wheeler before getting away on Interstate 95.

Ignacio Roman, who was behind the wheel of the tractor-trailer, said the crash happened Sunday morning near Miami Gardens as he was en route to delivery at the Port of Miami.

Roman said he turned his steering wheel to the right to avoid hitting the Mustang, which was headed straight towards him.

The two miss a T-bone collision by seconds.

"It's an unpredictable situation," Roman said. "You get nervous, but that's when you have to react quickly. And because of instinct and my experience on the road, I was able to at least save their lives."

Roman hopes the Florida Highway Patrol is able to find the driver of the white Mustang. He believes the crash could have been deadly and may have involved more people if it had happened any other day of the week. 

"If anyone saw the crash, please report it to the police," he said. "Mainly because there shouldn't be irresponsible people on the street."

Anyone with information can call FHP at 305-470-2500.

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