David Beckham Partner Apologizes for Controversial Cuba Tweet

One of David Beckham's top partners in bringing Major League Soccer to Miami apologized after a controversial tweet he sent during a business trip to Havana set off a firestorm of criticism on Twitter.

According to The Miami Herald, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure Tweeted "Happy to be here in La Havana, Cuba" Sunday afternoon. The photo was snapped in Havana's Revolution Square which features a massive Che Guevara tribute and statue.

The tweet resulted in a firestorm of criticism from Miami's community of Cuban exiles who overwhelmingly revile Guevara for his part in enforcing discipline under Fidel Castro.

Claure later took down the tweet and apologized, saying he did not intend to offend anyone.

Negotiators in the MLS deal released a statement late Sunday saying Claure was in Cuba for business reasons unrelated to the MLS venture, and apologized to anyone offended by the image.

Claure was in Cuba to announce an agreement with the Telecommunications Company of Cuba, making Sprint the first U.S. carrier to sign a direct roaming agreement with Cuba.

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