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Davie Carjacking Suspect Has History of Violent Behavior: Police

Jordan Anthony Nevarez, 25, is accused of attacking a woman and stealing her car in Davie

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A Davie man with a habit of making violent threats is facing charges for acting on one of them.

Jordan Anthony Nevarez, 25, was a passenger in a car on the phone with a friend who dared him to slap the woman driver for $1,000. He did so, according to the arrest report.

She stopped the car and told him to get out. He got angry, picked her up and slammed her to the ground, injuring her hip before driving off in her car, the report stated.

Jordan Nevarez

It happened Monday and he was arrested Wednesday on charges of unarmed carjacking and aggravated battery causing serious injury or disability, records show.

It’s not his first brush with the law.

On March 11, he was seen yelling and waving a knife while walking around a children’s water park area at Shenandoah Park in Davie. Families ran to their cars for cover and four of them called 911, police said.

Davie officers found Nevarez walking in the 13800 block of Southwest 14 Street. Police searched him and found a knife in his pocket.

During questioning, Nevarez started screaming and cursing and threatening to kill the officers, their families, and the families at the park. He threatened to have a gun next time they arrested him and would bomb the police station, investigators said.

Nevarez also threatened to return to the park, slit the throats of the families there, drink their blood and “throw some jerk seasoning on them because they have no flavor,” the report stated.

On March 6 about 1 a.m., Fort Lauderdale Police went to Florence C. Hardy Park after a neighbor reported seeing a woman sitting up against a fence for a long time without moving.

Officers discovered the woman was dead. She had no identification on her and the initial fingerprint check came up negative.

Investigators were able to get video of a silver Audi seen driving near where the body was found. The license was registered to Daniel Orlando Correa.

During questioning, Correa said he had picked up Nevarez and the woman at a substance abuse treatment center in Sunrise and they bought illegal drugs, police said.

Correa, 21, claimed the woman died in the backseat and he and Navarez left her body sitting in the park. It was less than a mile from Broward Health Medical Center, the report stated.

Police said they later asked Nevarez why he and Correa left her body in the park instead of at the nearby hospital and he answered, “Why should I care about her life? She’s a white girl.”

Nevarez and Correa were charged with failing to report a death to the medical examiner.

She was later identified but her name was redacted from the police report.

At his court appearance on Thursday for the carjacking charge, Nevarez’s parents said he had not taken his medication in two months.

He remains in the Broward County Jail on bonds totaling $100,000, records show.  

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