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Davie Man Accused of Taking Pictures in Women's Restroom

Jose Angel Santiago, 60, is charged with video voyeurism

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A 60-year-old registered sex offender is charged with video voyeurism for allegedly using his cellphone to take pictures of a woman using a public restroom, police said.  

The woman was in the community swimming pool at the Arrowhead Condominiums in the 2400 block of Southwest 82 Avenue in Davie, Sunday afternoon.

According to the arrest report, Jose Angel Santiago followed her into the women’s restroom.

Jose Angel Santiago

He tried to open the locked door of a stall she was in and when that failed the woman said she saw a cellphone held over the top of the door and heard what sounded like three pictures being taken, the report stated.  

She followed him out of the restroom and confronted him. Santiago said, “I went in the bathroom because I thought you were in distress.” She asked why he took pictures of her, and he denied it.

When she threatened to call the police Santiago said, “No, no, I’ll delete the photos,” according to the report.

She watched him enter his apartment and called police.

During questioning, Santiago gave the same explanation that he thought the woman was “in distress” and he “went in to investigate to see if she was okay,” investigators said.

He again denied taking pictures of the woman and police could find no such photos on his cellphone, they said.  

There were no independent witnesses who saw him near the women’s restroom and no surveillance video.

Records show Santiago was convicted of rape in Ohio and deemed a registered sex offender in 2006.

He was arrested Sunday on a video voyeurism charge and remained in the Broward County Jail Tuesday on a $10,000 bond.

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