Day 2 of Ultra Music Festival in Downtown Miami

It's full speed ahead for the annual Ultra Music Festival!

There are plenty of costumes, artists, and lights to take in at day-two of the outdoor electronic music festival on Biscayne Boulevard.

City of Miami police officer Christopher Bess said authorities are expecting over 55,000 people at the event.

But with the good times come long lines. The NBC 6 chopper captured views of security check points from above and plenty of security on both sides of gates.

"We also have uniformed and undercover officers inside of the actual festival to ensure the safety of the attendees," Bess said.

So far, so good says Bess who is happy to say they've made no arrests.

"Enjoy the music. Dance. Do whatever you would like to do, but do so safely and lawfully as well," Bess said.

Fire-rescue crews also noticing a positive trend in comparison to last year's festivities.

"As of now we've really had maybe two or three calls," said Lt. Iggy Carrol with Miami Fire Rescue.

But crews did report that a firefighter was punched Friday night while responding to a medical emergency inside the festival.

"The firefighter was still able to continue treating the patient the person was transported to the hospital," Lt. Carrol said.

The firefighter was evaluated, sustained no injuries, and able to work throughout the Friday night.

The festival will not wrap up until midnight Saturday and will pick up again for the final day Sunday at noon.

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