Day One Early Voting Turnout in Miami-Dade A ‘Success': Elections Department

About 25,000 voters cast a ballot in Miami-Dade County Saturday, officials said.

More than double the number of first-day early voters in 2008 turned out to cast a ballot in Miami-Dade County Saturday, officials said.

Christina White, the Deputy Supervisor of Elections for Miami-Dade County called the 25,000 people who voted a “success.” She anticipated the same turnout Sunday.

“We expect the numbers to remain just as high as yesterday, which we’re very happy about,” she told NBC 6 South Florida. “We find that early voting is a very convenient way to vote, very flexible for our voters.”

Miami Beach Couple Camping Out for Early Voting

But many voters complained on long lines at several voting sites, including the South Dade Government Center Complex and the Coral Reef Library. White said wait times, which are updated hourly here, varied between 30 minutes and several hours.

“The presidential election has a historically high voter turnout, and that coupled with a long ballot, there were lines,” she said.

To expedite the process, White said voters can review a sample ballot at home and plan ahead.

“Our main message is prepare in advance, that really is the key to the success of this election,” she said.

Voter IDs are not necessary to cast a ballot, but all 20 early voting sites do require a photo ID with a signature.

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