DCF Documents Detail Injuries to Jayden Villegas-Morales’ Brother

Jayden was in the custody of his father when he died because his baby brother had been seriously injured in the care of his mother a month before, document shows

New documents released to NBC 6 by the Department of Children and Families contain details of a disturbing precursor to Jayden Villegas-Morales' fatal injury.

Jayden was in the custody of his father when he died at age two and a half because his baby brother had been seriously injured in the care of his mother one month before, a document shows.

The DCF documents include notes from an investigator assigned to the case.

"June 14th, the child whose name is redacted, sustained a fracture through his femur, a bruise on his forehead and cheek,” the investigator wrote.

There are conflicting explanations for his injuries.

"The child is 10 months and weighed 11.5 pounds,” a child protective investigator wrote, quoting a doctor at Miami Children's Hospital. The doctor also noted the baby had an "an old fracture of the clavicle."

"She further reported that the child is delayed: stated he doesn't sit up,” the investigator wrote.

DCF Announces Thorough Review of Child Deaths

In the mother's home, the investigator wrote, "there are 2 pit bulls in the room where the children sleep. The mother's paramour has a history of violence and criminal record."

The documents state the mom had been referred to services for her and the children that she did not complete.

On June 18 the investigator went to the family's home to remove the children, and Jayden was the first person she saw when he "came to the door without an adult wearing a diaper and no shirt."

"The child had no shoes and was taken from the home (DCF custody) in a pair of adult sock(s)," the investigator wrote.

Six prior reports were listed with no indicators – which means no proof of the charges

That included a case in November involving another sibling. The investigator said the child "had a big scrape (‘cut') across his whole forehead. There are conflicting explanations about how he got the injury."

Jayden died in July, allegedly at the hands of his father, Angel Villegas, who is charged with second-degree murder.

Judge Michael Hanzman had agreed the children could stay with their father. As a result of Jayden’s death, the judge issued an order detailing changes he would make because of what happened.

The redacted version was provided Wednesday to NBC 6.

In the order the judge states that preliminary evidence reviewed by the court in this case suggests DCF and the Children's Home Society followed proper protocol in investigating whether Jayden's father posed a risk of harm to the children.

However, Hanzman said the home studies conducted were "expedited" and that the court has been overly reliant upon these reports in making custody decisions.

Now, Hanzman said, he will hold an evidentiary hearing before authorizing the placement of any child.

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