DCF Protective Investigator Accused of Having Sex With Girl In Foster Care Held Without Bond

Jean Lacroix arrived in South Florida on Thursday

The Department of Children and Families protective investigator was held without bond Friday on charges of having a sexual relationship with a minor who was in foster care.

Prosecutors said in court that Jean Lacroix was a flight risk. He was caught in New York after being denied entry into the Dominican Republic. Lacroix arrived in South Florida Thursday. He faces five counts charges of unlawful sexual activity with a certain minor, a teenager in foster care.

He was appointed a public defender, who argued he should not be held without bond. The judge disagreed.

"I do find that you are a risk of flight and given the opportunity you would leave the jurisdiction. Having said that I will issue no bond on all counts," said Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens.

She asked how Lacroix got back to South Florida.

"With the assistance of Homeland Security, the alert message went into the system after the warrant was signed," said Assistant State Attorney Brenda Mezick.

On June 28, DCF sent him a notice of intent to dismiss and the dismissal became effective Friday.

In addition to allegations that he engaged in sexual conduct with the victim, that letter states on Nov. 10, 2011 she told him about minor-aged girls who were allegedly involved in prostitution. He was required to report that to the Florida Abuse Hotline and DCF says he did not.

Records show 72 phone calls between the subject and victim in a one month period, authorities said. On May 4, DCF instructed him to have no communication with the victim, but two days later he saw and spoke to her.

The judge also warned Lacroix in court to have no contact with the victim.

"You cannot speak to this individual either directly or indirectly do you understand?" Sanchez-Llorens said.

Lacroix said he understood.

His wife and children are in Georgia

"I own a house in Georgia, but it's almost in foreclosure . The house, I bought it for 145 now it's worth like 70,000, and I owe about 140," he said.

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