‘Dead Body' Found In Pick Up Truck Was Leftover Halloween Decoration

Clearwater police discovered a body underneath a pile of debris in a pickup truck on Thursday – but it wasn’t a real one.

The “dead body” was a leftover Halloween decoration that had been used in someone’s haunted house, according to an online post from the police department.

A concerned resident called the police department after seeing two feet sticking out from under some rubble in the back of the truck. The Clearwater Police Department responded to the call, and with the help of the Pinellas Park police, found that the body was an abandoned Halloween decoration.

“Don't ever hesitate to call us if you see something that doesn't look quite right -- even if it turns out to be Halloween leftovers,” the department said in the post.

The pick-up truck was located at the corner of Belcher Road and Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard. 

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