Deadline to Apply to Miami-Dade County Magnet Programs Fast-Approaching

The deadline to apply to one of the 370 magnet programs in Miami-Dade County is January 15th

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Winter break for students is about to begin, but for parents interested in enrolling their kids in a magnet school, they still have some homework to do.

That is because the deadline to apply to one of the 370 magnet programs in Miami-Dade County is January 15th.

Miami Coral Park Senior High School is one of over 100 public schools in Miami-Dade County offering magnet programs for the next school year.

"Miami-Dade County Public Schools actually has the most magnet schools available," said Ambar Alfaro, the lead magnet teacher at Miami Coral Park Senior High. "So many programs in the arts, technology, veterinarian."

The school's engineering and robotics program is just one of four award-winning programs Coral Park offers. They also offer architecture, construction and biomedical.

The programs are designed to focus on the students' special interests, talents, and abilities and teachers say that the experience helps students achieve their goals.

"[The programs] are specialized and at our school, we make sure our students have a lot of autonomy and we help guide them in whatever opportunities they desire," Alfaro said.

Andres Batista is a student at Miami Coral Park Senior High and told NBC 6 how his program is setting him up for success.

"I focus more on programming, so they saw some of the skills that I brought from my middle school, they took me to a club where a mentor from outside of the schools comes and shows you everything like a professional," Batista said.

Chabeli Quincoces is enrolled in the biomedical program. Her dream is to be a doctor, but in the meantime, she is working toward a technical career while going to high school.

"I love medicine and I love to help people," Quincoces said.

Students at Miami Coral Park Senior High also earn college credit through classes like biomedical innovation.

"It’s a four-year program and at the end we study and practice and prepare ourselves to do this test called the Base," Quincoces said. "With that we get a laboratory technician certification."

Magnet Programs are offered from kindergarten to high school. Students can apply for up to five programs at five different schools.

The application process is online now. To apply, click here.

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