Lanes Reopen After Deadly I-75 Crash in Broward County Kills Two

Two people were killed Saturday in a crash on I-75 at Sheridan Street.

According to police, five cars were involved in the crash. It was one semi-truck, an SUV and three compact cars.

"Our investigators are on scene. We are gathering all the information and all the evidence," said Lt. Alvaro Feola of Florida Highway Patrol. 

Emelina Morea, 67 and Emma Suarez Hernandez, 76, were killed in the crash. Another driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. 

Investigators said an SUV lost control, veered into a lane where a semi-truck was driving and caused five cars to crash. 

Four others were injured but are expected to be okay. 

The Saturday morning crash closed the northbound lanes of I-75 at Sheridan for most of the day.

Investigators said they collected evidence and are working to figure out why the SUV lost control. 

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