Decision 2016: Carlos Curbelo Defeats Joe Garcia For Crucial U.S. House Seat

It's a quiet day Wednesday for Republican U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo -who defeated Democrat Joe Garcia in the District 26 race.

In one of the more politically centrist districts in South Florida (spanning most of Western Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys), Curbelo has portrayed himself as someone who has worked with both Democrats and Republicans during his time in Washington.

At a victory party in Southwest Miami-Dade, Curbelo addressed his supporters. "If we have learned anything from this election is that Americans all over this country are frustrated. They're angry and they're not satisfied with the answers they're getting from their elected leaders," said Curbelo.

"I pledge to continue working to change the culture in Washington so that Republicans, Democrats, Independents, anyone who cares, sits at the table and looks for solutions," Curbelo told supporters.

The 26th Congressional District covers Miami's western and southern suburbs, the Florida Keys and a large chunk of the Everglades.

Curbelo, a former school board member who defeated Garcia in 2014 to win the seat, never endorsed Trump. He once publicly speculated that Trump was a phantom candidate intended to help the Democrats.

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