Deerfield Beach Woman Severely Burned After Running Back Into Engulfed Home to Save Cats

What to Know

  • A fire at a Deerfield Beach home on Sunday severely burned a woman.
  • The woman is being treated at a burn center.
  • Nine cats were in the house when the fire occurred. Not all survived.

A woman who escaped her burning Deerfield Beach home to find help was severely injured because she ran back in to save her nine cats.

The incident occurred early Sunday. Barbara Cisco, 67, ran to the home of her neighbor Lu Vencl for help.

Vencl woke up and called 911. Though Cisco's hair had caught fire, her main concern was the welfare of the cats trapped inside, according to Vencl.

"She apparently went back inside the house to try and save the animals," Vencl said.

Cisco was able to grab one cat but sustained severe burns. She is hospitalized at Ryder Trauma Center's UM/JM Burn Center in the Jackson Memorial Hospital complex in Miami.

The Florida Humane Society is helping Cisco in her time of need. A society official said that at least two cats have been found dead, while two other cats have been found alive.

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