Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine Makes Several Campaign Stops in South Florida

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine campaigned in South Florida Sunday, while Trump supporters gathered at the Freedom Tower in Miami.

Kaine delivered an all in the Spanish speech at Peuma Church in Miami, located at 7205 SW 125th Ave.

"Hillary and I think our administration, God-willing, is going to be an administration in which every day we will be working to make a difference in peoples' lives," Kaine said. "The most important question is going to be if we can make a difference in students' lives, children's lives, or people who want to live in accordance with their values."

The running mate for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton visited another church in Miami, The Faith Center, an African American church before stopping at local restaurant in Plantation. Kaine shook hands and took pictures with diners at TooJay's deli and sang "Happy Birthday" for a young man celebrating his birthday.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump supporters gathered at the Freedom Tower to voice thier support for the Republican presidential nominee.

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