DeSantis Announces Opening of Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Site in Orlando

Getty Images

Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke again about the benefits of monoclonal antibodies Monday at a news briefing as he sets out to open treatment centers across the state in an attempt to decrease COVID-19 hospitalizations.

DeSantis was joined by officials from the Florida Division of Emergency Management at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, where the state will open a monoclonal antibody treatment site. This center aims to treat 320 patients a day, seven days a week. The treatment will be offered for free.

The drugs are delivered intravenously or by injection and made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. It concentrates doses of lab-made antibodies to fight COVID-19 and are geared toward people who are at high risk.

DeSantis mentioned good candidates were elderly people and those with chronic kidney disease, diabetes, morbid obesity and sickle cell.

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