Detectives Take Another Look at 1966 Surfside Kidnapping Cold Case

Danny Goldman disappeared the day before his 18th birthday

After years of a cold investigative trail, Miami-Dade Police detectives are again looking at a 46-year-old kidnapping case in Surfside.

Danny Goldman vanished the day before his 18th birthday in 1966.

But Joe Graubart and some of Goldman’s other childhood friends haven’t forgotten him. They have set up a website to drum up publicity, and done some of their own investigating.

“One of the FBI agents of the day said I've never seen a case like this before, and I doubt I will ever see a case like this again,” Graubart said.

According to authorities, somebody broke in around the back of the Goldman family’s house back in 1966, tied up Goldman’s parents Aaron and Sally, kidnapped Danny – who was a high school senior – and demanded a ransom.

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It was big news in the little town of Surfside when Goldman’s parents made an appeal at the time.

“We have asked the authorities and they have agreed to leave us entirely alone in negotiating with the real kidnapper,” Aaron Goldman said then.

But they never heard from the kidnapper or their son.

Now, detectives are back on the case, thanks to the persistence of Graubart and others.

“We are a civic posse, so to speak, that is on the trail trying to fulfill Sally's wish,” Graubart said.

Sally Goldman died earlier this year. Her husband, Aaron, passed away in 2010. Neither knew the fate of their only child – but Graubart said the Surfside community deserves to know.

“We think we are actually going to crack this case, of course with the Miami-Dade County cold case squad,” he said.

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