Director of Broward County Animal Center Resigns

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The director of the Broward Animal Care and Adoption Center has turned in her resignation amid complaints about conditions at the shelter.

Back in October, Broward County Commissioner Mark Bogen sent outside inspectors to the center on Southwest 42nd Street, where he said they found the animals were living in filthy conditions. Last week, images, video and volunteer testimony further revealed the facility's conditions.

Lauralei Combs submitted her resignation and plans to leave this month.

“Animals were not being treated they should be treated and so I’m very happy that we will be looking for a new director that will know the proper procedures and protocols for the best interest of the animals and our residents," Bogen said.

A video that surfaced last month showed a pit bull in a kennel, barking at a volunteer with blood splattered on the wall. Combs said there was no mistreatment and that the dog had been banging his tail on the wall, causing it to bleed. Activists also claimed that workers power washed the kennels with the dogs still inside.

“We had a consultant go, that nobody knew about, and investigate it," Bogen said. "And we found that the animal shelter had no procedures and proper protocol that were being implemented.”

He said the Broward Sheriff's Office was investigating, while the shelter issued a statement saying, “We are not aware of criminal statutes being violated at the shelter. Many claims we have received in the past have been found to be unsubstantiated. However, we take and will continue to take any such claims very seriously, and addressing them are prioritized.”

Broward Animal Care and Adoption Center has not commented on the director's resignation as of Monday.

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