Dirty Politics: Obama's SoBe Deli Stop Critically Filthy

Obama might want to hit a McDonald's or Subway next time

President Barack Obama might think twice about not eating lunch prepared on Air Force One during his next Miami visit.

Instead, the President made a stop and got a sandwich at Jerry's Famous Deli last week, which was slapped with 26 restaurant violations for all types of uncleanliness by a state inspector on Tuesday.

The restaurant inspection comes less than a week after Obama made his to-go order of two corned beef sandwiches on rye.

Good thing he didn't try the meatballs.

An inspector stopped the sale of cooked meatballs after he found raw meat sitting out in the open in unsafe temperatures. Employees were also seen handling meat and bread without gloves and without washing their hands properly.

But at least Obama didn't take his hunger to People's Bar-B-Que. He may have enacted a Presidential order to kick Miami out of the union after looking at the popular restaurant's recent Health Department analysis.

Jerry's has 90 days to clean up its act, but it still remains open.

The co-owner of Jerry's Famous Delis – they have 10 of them in Florida and California - says health department inspectors make his restaurant better.

"Somebody comes in, they find things, we fix it immediately," said Jason Starkman. "And we try as hard as we can not to do it again."

It's unclear if Obama checked to see if his server wore gloves, but the White House said he thoroughly enjoyed his sandwich.

When the President was there, the restaurant staff had just nine minutes notice. So Jason never thanked the Prez.
"President Obama,” Starkman said earnestly, "Thank you very much formally from the owner of Jerry’s Deli. It was quite a pleasure having you. And I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed your cornbeef sandwich."
Of course, Starkman wouldn't be getting all the attention for the violations if the President hadn't visited. "You know what, violations - that's the Health Department,” say Starkman philosophically. “That's their job. I'm happy they do their job. I'm happy they came here. I wish they came here more often."

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