Disco Diva Gloria Gaynor Writes New Book to Help Others Survive Life’s Struggles

Gloria Gaynor's book, “We Will Survive,” includes stories of people who have used her song to help them overcome struggles.

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More than three decades after she released  “I will Survive,” disco diva Gloria Gaynor also wrote a book, which includes stories of people who have used her song to help them overcome struggles.

The book "We Will Survive," combines 40 stories, detailing the lives of cancer survivors, rape victims, people grieving the loss of children and others.

“People have been telling me these stories for 35 years and every time they tell me a story, I find it very inspiring and uplifting,” Gaynor said. “I thought I’d be kind of selfish just keeping all this inspiration and encouragement for myself.”

To find the stories, Gaynor, her manager and co-author talked to friends, family and people in numerous support groups, who used the song to overcome their circumstances.

“If you’re going through something and then you read the story of someone else who is going through the same thing and yet they’ve come out on the other side victorious, how inspiring and up lifting is that?” Gaynor said.

During the time the song was released, Gaynor, too was going through a difficult time. She had gone through surgery on her spine. She was paralyzed, and her record company said they would not renew her contact.

“It makes me feel like I was there helping them to get through these things and it makes me feel kind of powerful,” Gaynor said.

And after so many years of success, Gaynor said her song and her recent book have given her a meaning and a purpose in life.

“This book gives you faith,” Gaynor said. “Faith in God, in His love, His power and His desire to take you through.”

Gaynor hopes her book inspires others to never give up “no matter what your struggle is.”

“So yes, I will survive,” she said.

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