Disney Monorail Stranded for Hours

Walt Disney World guests were stranded on one of the monorails thanks to a mechanical problem.

According to AP reports, the train was stuck for 2 hours, although it was estimated to be closer to 4 hours by a passenger on the monorail: 

Passenger Jahon Pilichowski, 30, said guests were heading to the Magic Kingdom from the parking lot on Saturday when the train stopped. It's unclear how many passengers were stranded but he said the cars were at full capacity and that without electricity it became very hot very quickly.

Orange County Fire Rescue officials responded to the scene and used a cherry picker to remove guests from two of the train cars because some passengers had medical issues. Pilichowski told the Orlando Sentinel the rest of the guests were eventually towed back to the parking lot where Disney workers were waiting with water and ice.

No injuries were reported.

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