Disturbing Video Shows Young Florida Man on “Bath Salts”: Authorities

Police agencies in South Florida are using the video to explore how to crack down on the drug

A disturbing YouTube video of a young Florida man behaving as if he were having a psychotic episode has gone viral. And authorities say this is how people behave when they are on "bath salts."

In the video, the man is clearly on some kind of drug, and unable to answer a simple question from police, "What is your name?"

Instead of answering, he laughs hysterically as he sits in the back of a police cruiser.

At one point he attempts to speak but he is entirely incoherent. His bizarre and disturbing behavior progresses to him playing with his tongue, as if he were discovering it for the first time.

This all started with a 911 call from the young man in Bay County, located in the Panhandle. You can hear him screaming over the phone on the video.

Authorities believe bath salts are to blame. Bath salts are an inexpensive supercharged form of speed, and they're easy to find online. Experts say the drug makes people turn violent and paranoid.

This video was used as a way to educate the public about the dangers of bath salts by the Bay County Sheriff's Department – and local police agencies in South Florida are also using the video to explore ways to crack down on the drug.

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