DJ Irie on the 8th Irie Weekend, His Foundation, and That Time Sting Sang Along to His Remix

Born in Saint Croix and schooled in Jamaica, he calls Miami home

DJ Irie says Jamie Foxx had flown him from Miami to L.A. for his birthday bash when one of the most iconic voices in music sang along to his remix.

“Everybody was there, everybody, at his birthday party, and I’m there doing my thing and next thing you know, I spot Sting in the middle of the dance floor!” Irie said.

That’s Sting, as in the frontman for the classic band The Police.

“I play this Roxanne remix, so I kind of see him singing along and I was like here’s the mic! And he catches it mid-air and right on the hook, ‘Roxanne!’ I was like yes!” Irie said.

Not many people or DJ’s can tell such a story – but Miami’s Irie can.

You probably wouldn’t recognize the name Ian Grocher, but everyone knows DJ Irie. He is the official DJ of the 2006 and 2012 NBA champions, the Miami Heat, spinning all night long at Club LIV after the team won the title last week.

He’s also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Irie’s rock star status has stemmed from the very passion that has helped define his brand.

“Through my passion for music and me working as hard as we have been working to get somewhere, I’m able to do something for this community,” said DJ Irie, who was born in Saint Croix and schooled in Jamaica, but calls Miami home.

He spoke with NBC 6 in advance of his eighth Irie Weekend, which is looking to reunite star athletes and power locals on the golfing green and in the club – and for the first time on the bowling lanes – to raise money for the Irie Foundation, which benefits South Florida youths.

“And you know what’s really cool about that event, we’re actually going to have along the kids from our program participating,” he said.

Irie says he loves his community, loves to have fun – and with all his fame and recognition, has capitalized on new business ventures and partnerships, aligning himself with brands he believes in.

“It was something I realized a couple of years ago when we were traveling all around the place and were performing in front of thousands of people at a time. That’s powerful you know, and we can deliver messages,” he said.

Now, from his New Era cap – he’s a flag-bearer for the company – to the cell phone service he uses, Verizon, he has interwoven what he wears with partners for his foundation.

“We’re just totally blessed to have these companies that believe in us and we’re going to do our best to make sure, you know, we’re trailblazing for them,” he said.

To find out more about DJ Irie’s foundation, see or, or follow him on Twitter @DJIrie.

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