DJ's Attempt to TP Mayor Full of Poop

And to think this all started over a dance battle

DJ Jason Pennington can't say the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

The Palm Beach DJ had to spend a day cleaning a septic tank at West Palm Beach's main waste water plant for his role in spreading 28 rolls of toilet paper all over what he thought was the mayor's yard.

The anti-establishment TP-ing was supposed to be Pennington's way of getting back at Mayor Lois Frankel, who beat one of his fellow WILD 95.5 DJs in a charity dance competition earlier this year. The raw feelings after the "You Got Served" moment spilled over after rumors surfaced that the contest was rigged.

Enter the 28 rolls of two-ply.

In the middle of the day and broadcast live on his radio show's webcast, Pennington TP-ed the house, cars and trees of a home with the creativity of an artist, but he lacked accuracy. Turns out he missed the mayor's house and hit a neighbor's instead.

As punishment for the failed prank, Mayor Frankel decided it best to put Pennington's love for toilet paper to good use by allowing him to clean up the hundreds of tons of liquid fecal matter that comes through the waste water facility daily.

"You don't mess with the mayor," Frankel said.

Pennington lasted five minutes before nearly collapsing from the smell, according to the Palm Beach Post.

"It smells like death," Pennington said. "This is so not fitting for the crime I did."

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