Doctors Urge Safety as Nationwide Protests Continue Amid Pandemic

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All week long hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country have taken to the streets demanding racial equality and an end to police brutality, but doctors are urging safety as the coronavirus pandemic has contained to claim countless lives.

As of Saturday, over 110,000 people have died from COVID-19, and the nation's top expert warns the virus may continue to spread in large crowds.

"It's a delicate balance, because the reasons for demonstrating are valid, and yet, the demonstration itself puts oneself at an additional risk," White House Health Advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci says.

In Columbus, Ohio, health officials announced a protester with COVID-19 was symptomatic when attending a rally.

In Athens, Georgia, commissioner Martha Parker tested positive for the virus, and, in a Facebook post, warned other demonstrators: "if you spoke Sunday or were near me in the crowd, please get tested."

Many protesters have worn face masks, but are willing to defy social distancing guidelines for a cause they say is too great.

As of Saturday, there are 1.9 million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., nearly 63,000 cases in Florida.

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