Doe-Eyed Deer Nursed Back to Health

Specialists care for wild fawns

Two baby deer who may have been abandoned by their mother are finding a new life in a Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter.

Officials have been nursing the little fawns back to health, feeding them and keeping them safe as they live among the nearby turkeys and panthers.

"What often happens is that something chases mom away and the baby gets left behind," David Hitzig, Executive Director of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, told WPTV.

The tiny deer will get to spend time mending at the sanctuary, but the challenge will be deciding when to let them out on their own.

"The challenge when you're working with a baby animal is to make sure that it doesn't become too imprinted or too used to human companionship," Hitzig said.  "For us what we try to do is to give the deer the opportunity to live in a natural environment so that they know how to forage for food."

After they adjust, the deer will be moved to a 20-acre property where they can choose to stick around or go off on their own.

"It's a nice easy transition so that deer really can be wild again," Hitzig said.

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