Dog Hurled From Car Recovering in Melbourne

A central Florida puppy is on the road to recovery five months after he was tossed from a moving vehicle.

Since then, officials say the 8-month-old American Staffordshire terrier named Chance has had four surgeries, laser therapy on overstretched tendons and chiropractic massage on his back muscles. Florida Today reports he should soon be ready for adoption following one last surgery to remove a bone fragment from his right rear leg.

Central Brevard Humane Society manager Kevin McMullan says Chance is a "happy-go-lucky" puppy.

Officials say he was just 13 weeks old in April when he was tossed out of the car. He suffered a broken ankle, shoulder and knee.

The Melbourne animal rescue group Purrs and Whiskers has raised more than $5,400 to cover the dog's medical expenses.

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