Dog Left Abandoned in Hollywood Warehouse With Severe Eye Injury Rescued, Recovering

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A dog suffering from a severe eye infection and possible injury was found abandoned in a Hollywood warehouse Monday.

“It looks like acid was thrown on his face and poor guys eyes are gone,” a Facebook post from animal rescue organization Noah’s Rescue said.

Flor Vargas, who runs Noah’s Rescue, said the nonprofit found the pit bull after receiving a Facebook message about an animal “in very bad shape” left stranded in Hollywood. Vargas reached out to the police station and immediately sent a volunteer to pick up the injured animal.

The pit bull, named “Rocky,” was promptly taken to a neighborhood veterinary center and is receiving medical treatment.  

Vargas said Rocky is recovering, but doctors say he may not regain his eyesight.

“His eyes are completely white. He’s not able to see,” Vargas said. “He completely lost his vision.”

Vargas said it’s unclear what exactly caused Rocky’s eye injury – it could be the result of acid or an infection. But either way, neglect was still involved.

“You don’t keep a dog that way and just throw him in a warehouse or throw him in the street,” she said.

Noah’s Rescue, which is dedicated to rescuing abused and neglected dogs, said Rocky is recovering and is doing a lot better than he was Monday.

The organization is currently looking for a foster home for Rocky, who vets estimate is about 7 years old.

Additionally, Vargas is looking for a trainer who will teach Rocky how to adjust to life with a loss of vision. For more information about how you can help Rocky, click here.

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