Dog on Roof of Warehouse in Northwest Miami-Dade Not in Danger: Official

Kathy Labrada of Miami-Dade Animal Services said it's not against the law to keep a dog outdoors

A dog sits on the roof of a warehouse building – G & G Produce in northwest Miami-Dade.

Miami-Dade Animal Services told NBC 6 South Florida they've been getting calls about this since June of last year. On Wednesday they were called to investigate allegations of animal cruelty again after people riding on the Metrorail saw the dog on the roof.

“It's not unlawful to keep a dog outdoors,” Kathy Labrada from Animal Services said. “It's a little unorthodox to keep a dog on a rooftop, but he's not in any danger."

Labrada said the dog is in excellent condition with shelter, food, and water. She claimed the owner has two American bulldogs who act as guard dogs, preventing theft. One stays inside, and the other – on the roof.

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Amy Roman is the president of "100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades." It’s an animal rescue organization. She wants Animal Services to do more.

"Whether they have a dog house, or they have bowls of food and water, that is no life for any animal,” Roman said. “Everybody's in agreement. Look at the page. It's gone viral."

Roman is talking about her Facebook page dedicated to rescuing animals. People from all over the country are commenting about this story. Even Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado is asking Animal Services to revisit the matter, saying, "it concerns all of us."

But for now, Animal Services said the only thing illegal about the situation is that the barbed wire fence that surrounds the warehouse rooftop was put up illegally.

“The fencing will have to come down, so the dogs will not be housed on the rooftop," Labrada said.

It may be a start, but Roman wants more.

“We're not going to stop until those dogs are removed and a law needs to be changed," she said.

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