Dog Rescued From Pipe in Davie

A 2-month-old Pomeranian puppy was trapped for several hours underground Monday

A small Pomeranian puppy was rescued from a Davie pipe after being stuck in it for several hours Monday.

Sugar ended up 3 feet underground after he fell into a pipe connected to the sewer system in the front yard of his home at 5340 King Arthur Ave. The 2-month-old puppy's family was worried sick, especially his owner Simone Walker.

“I'm praying, I’m hoping they can get him out,” she said at one point.

After he got stuck, Walker and others heard Sugar whining in the pipe. When they couldn't get him out, they called for help.

Davie Fire Rescue and Davie Police responded to the scene. Firefighters dug a hole in the lawn as they tried to retrieve the puppy, but they ran into cables, wires, tree roots and other obstacles that kept them from rescuing the dog.

In stepped utility workers from the city of sunrise, armed with a camera designed to explore the sewer pipes.

“They were in the area and very generous to really just jump in right away and have their resources at our disposal,” said Davie Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Jorge Gonzalez.

About 20 firefighters and utility workers contributed to the rescue effort.

After several hours underground, Sugar was pulled out at 6:14 p.m. during a live report from the scene on NBC 6's newscast.

“It’s a great feeling. It’s not always the sick and injured and sometimes bad outcomes,” Gonzalez said. “Here’s a great opportunity and a great example to have a fantastic outcome from something as small as a little dog.”

The pup was given a bath.

Below: A courtesy photo of Sugar.

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