Dogs Rescued From Locked Shed in Florida Keys After Home Burns Down

Two South Florida dogs have quite the story to bark about – after they were rescued from a locked shed in the Florida Keys.

According to the SPCA in the Keys, the dogs – a white cattle mixed breed named “Phoenix” and a part Chihuahua named “Roscoe” – were inside the small area after a fire engulfed the home on the same property January 27th. Officials haven’t determined if they were placed there before or after the fire broke out.

Eventually, Phoenix chewed and clawed a hole at the bottom of the door which allowed Roscoe to get out. Neighbors reported seeing him around the lot and told animal control officials to check in the shed for the other pup – named Phoenix because he was “risen from the ashes”

Phoenix was treated for cuts on her face and paws. Roscoe was eventually adopted by a family in the Keys, while Phoenix remains waiting for a forever home inside a Marathon animal shelter. Officials say they would have like to keep the pair together, but were worried that requirement would have kept them from being adopted.

The owners of the property have still not been found.

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