Dolphins Fans Start Petition to Keep Throwback Look

Some fans of the Dolphins have started a petition to use the team's old look on a regular basis

The Miami Dolphins wore throwbacks on Sunday and some fans have begun a petition to see that look on a regular basis.

The Dolphins gave their throwback day a full effort with a redesigned end-zone along with the jerseys. Even the team's mascot T.D. joined the fun with the old look. This isn't the first time Miami has donned the throwbacks, nor will it be the last.

Fans have petitioned in the past for such a change, but to no avail. The Dolphins only recently introduced a new logo to go along with their new uniforms. The change was a somewhat dramatic one, when compared to the look in the throwbacks.

It is not just the fans that have taken a liking to the old look, some players have as well.

“I love them,” Reshad Jones said in 2015. “I hope we can wear them again. I’m going petition for us to wear them again after this game. They’re just nice. It’s a different look, a change up"

“They’re cool uniforms,” Ryan Tannehill added in 2015. “I did a photo shoot in them in the summer, got to see them and put them on. I was excited.”

It is unlikely that Miami would outright revert to the old look on a permanent basis. However, it is possible the team could make it a tradition to wear the old uniforms on an annual basis multiple times. Professional sports teams have been known to bring back throwback looks for special events in the past.

For now, players and fans alike will need to take solace in the fact they will see the uniforms at least once more. Miami plans to wear the same look on November 27th against the San Francisco 49ers.

Those looking to add their name to the petition should visit

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