Donations Still Needed to Repair Home of Miami's Oldest Living World War II Vet

The South Florida community came together to help Miami’s oldest living veteran fix up his decrepit home. Charles Adderly, Sr. is a World War II Army veteran who saved countless lives back in 1943.

H’s been living in the same house in Miami’s historic Overtown for 48 years, but after four decades the home was in dire need of TLC. It was covered in stains and holes from rain, and mold and insects were starting to invade the structure. Adderly’s appliances and furniture were also ruined.

As a show of appreciation for his service to our nation, Volunteers of American Florida and the Miami Fire Department stepped up to help the 93-year-old.

“This is a little bit of giving back to someone who gave a lot more to me then what I will ever be able to give to him,” said Arlene Fernandez, Miami Fire Department.

The decorated war vet received a medal from the French Foreign Legion only a couple of years ago for his heroics and liberating millions from the fist of Nazi oppression.

Old black and white photos hanging on the walls of his home are momentos of his days on the battlefield as part of the greatest generation.

“This is a man that was there at Normandy. This is an amazing feat what he has done for us,” said Fernandez.

Volunteers started repairing the home on Monday, and began removing the mold. They plan to remodel the kitchen, flooring, windows and repair the doors and do some plumbing work.

Despite their efforts, donations, materials and cash are still needed to complete the renovations. Volunteers are hoping to have the project completed for the vet before the holidays.

“It’s a blessing in disguise. All that’s happening to me now I would consider it as divine intervention” said Adderly.

If you would like to help the effort to repair Adderly’s home, you can make a donation on this GoFundMe page.

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