Don't Yogurt And Drive

It's hard to keep your eyes on the road sometimes, especially if you are trying to enjoy a hardy breakfast while driving.

Just ask Jessica Schwartz, who plowed into a stopped police cruiser on Interstate 95 in Oakland Park because she couldn't get enough of her morning yogurt (that berry medley can taste like a spoonful of heaven sometimes).

Talk about bad to the last drop.

The carnage left by Schwartz sent three people to the hospital, including Schwartz, Broward Sheriff's Office Det. Tony Morales and the motorist he had stopped. Traffic was gridlocked for much of the morning while clean up crews and rescuers rushed to the scene. 

No word if the motorist ever got that ticket, but Schwartz is likely to face charges.

Ironically, Morales is one of the spokespersons for a state-wide law enforcement campaign to encourage drivers to move over when they see the boys in blue turn on their flashing lights.

Maybe if Schwartz would have looked up from her yogurt cup, she would have noticed Morales from the commercials.

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