Miami Dade College

Doral Cracks Down on Miami-Dade Student Parking

The City of Doral and Miami Dade College have restored order to a stretch of 117th Avenue where, just two weeks ago, students were darting on foot through traffic as they rushed from makeshift parking spots to classes.

Just days after Team 6 Investigators exposed the situation, the city closed off to the public a section of 117th Avenue north from 34th Street so that students may park there, and posted no parking signs along the avenue south of that point.

The college this week agreed to pay nearly $10,000 a week to Doral for two off-duty police officers to patrol and control access to the sections of 117th Avenue, along with college safety officers.

Some of the 6,000 students interviewed said they feel much safer with the changes.

“Definitely I like it better now because they’re controlling it better because we have more security so nothing happens to us,” said Rosie Gonzalez.

“It was terrible because having to walk along the side and there would be trucks coming it would be so dangerous,” said Fernanda Zambrana.

At the root of the problem – the school has failed to demolish and rebuild a parking garage that collapsed under construction two years ago, citing delays caused by ongoing litigation.

The demolition is set to begin in January and a new garage may be in place by next fall.

Students unable to snag what are now many fewer premium spots along 117th Avenue have to park three miles away at International Mall and wait for shuttle buses to take them to the classrooms.

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