Doral is Second On Forbes Best Living List

Museums, parks and a world-class gold course makes Doral the talk of all towns

When it comes to the good life, Doral is second to one.

The small city that's probably most famous for the golf course with the "Blue Monster" was placed near the top of annual "Top 25 Towns To Live Well" list, falling only behind Boulder, Colorado.

The magazine uses some fancy formula that looks at characteristics like the number of museums, parks, bars and restaurants, and cultural institutions per capita. Forbes also looks at how favorable a town's business environment is for corporations and particularly small businesses.

The magazine said Doral boasts "one of the nation's highest concentrations of small businesses per capita, especially surrounding aerospace and logistics."

Not bad for a city just coming off a case of the swine flu. and BusinessWeek also have an affinity for Doral, recently blessing the city of 35,000 with similar, good-living distinctions. That sets the bar pretty high for a city that's only been around since 2003.

"The residents of Doral already know what the rest of the country is finding out, Doral is the best place to live, work, learn and play," Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez said.

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