Dozens of Families Move into Newly Renovated Overtown Homes Just in Time for the Holidays

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Dozens of families were able to move into their new homes in Overtown Tuesday, following a neighborhood's yearlong renovation.

116 apartments at Town Park Plaza South were given a facelift, which included brand new flooring and appliances.

Kara Clon, a resident of the area for 20 years, will be one of those people moving into the new homes.

“It was a nice neighborhood,” she said. “Nice people, I was happy and I raise my kids here."

She added that she always wanted more. She wanted decent housing that she felt was not available to her at one point. 

“Things are getting better, now that we have a new place. It’s better now."

The project was funded by the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency. But, it took an emergency ordinance from City of Miami commissioners to help bring it to life.

“I feel very, very proud to be a part of an effort now that allows people who may not have had a voice, to have a voice,” said Miami Commissioner Jeffrey Watson. 

The apartment complex is in his district. He passed the emergency ordinance to have the homes ready for families during the holidays. 

“No one wants to live in a mansion, if they can afford it,” he said. “But, what they would like to do is live in quality housing because that’s what they believe they deserve and if they desire to do it, we’re going to help them get that done.”

Colon says she's appreciative of the city looking out for her.

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