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Dozens of Puppies Rescued from Pembroke Park Pet Store

Around 30 puppies were rescued from a Pembroke Park pet store after advocates say they were found living in filth.

A video recorded by the group 'Good Karma Pet Rescue' shows some of the dogs with feces around their mouth. A sign that they were eating whatever they could.

Many of the animals have contracted pneumonia and parvo - an infection that is highly contagious and life-threatening in animals.

"This was pure neglect," Nathalie Santana, a member of Good Karma, says. "This was I am not going to vaccinate the puppies, and I am going to put them all together, and I am not going to clean their cages."

The puppies were rescued after the Sheriff's office was tipped off about a puppy Basset Hound being found in a cage with a Hawk.

According to Santana, the owner of the pet shop watched on as the puppies were taken by several pet rescue groups.

A search through state records shows the business was registered to a Norman Chera three months ago.

Chera is expected to be fined for all 30 puppies, but it is still unclear what charges he will face.

The pups will be held in isolation for at least two weeks before they are placed in a foster home, or put up for adoption.

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