Drag Comedy Duo Parody Hometown of Hialeah

"Hialeah's Finest" heating up with hilarious videos

Their videos will either you make you laugh or make you cringe but that's exactly what Josue Garcia and Gio Profera were hoping for when they started dressing in drag to parody their hometown of Hialeah.

They call themselves "Hialeah's Finest" and their often graphic YouTube videos are heating up.

Garcia and Profera play chongalicious drag-queens named Juleisy and Karla who aren't trying to fool anyone, not with their facial hair, chest hair and back hair.

"We don't think we're women we just, when we go out as boys you don't get much attention, but when you see a man that's nine feet in heels, you're gonna cause a ruckus," Profera said.

In real life, Profera's a stylist and Garcia is a chef, and it was their cooking video for pulled pork wontons that really put them on the map.

"A lot of people think we're being funny, but no they're really good pork wontons," Garcia said.

The men behind the chonga-spoofing women were born and raised in Hialeah, and they consider Juleisy and Karla as performance art inspired by the real-life characters they grew up with.

"Karla's a fusion of everyone that I know, everyone that I've been to school with, everyone that I hang out with on a regular basis," Garcia said. "They all think we're making fun of other people but really, it's you guys."

The duo created Juleisy and Karla a few years ago just as a joke, but now that they've developed a following they not only make videos they also do live performances once a month.

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