Driver Charged With DUI in Miami Beach Rollover Crash: Police

A 23-year-old driver is facing DUI charges after police say she rolled over and caused a crash that injured a taxi cab driver in Miami Beach Wednesday morning.

According to police, the driver, Odessa Barandon, claimed she "didn't know what happened" and that she was "driving one minute and next I am upside down."

Police say Barandon was headed northbound on Collins Avenue in a gray Volkswagen Tiguan and somehow flipped over in the street in the 4000 block.

When officers arrived, they found both the overturned Tiguan and the taxi cab partially on the sidewalk with the male taxi cab driver lying on the ground, barely moving.

The cab driver was taken to Ryder Trauma Center. His condition is not immediately known.

Officers noted that Barandon had blood shot, watery eyes, slurred speech and a strong smell of alcohol.

She was given a DUI test and failed to perform to standards.

According to police, she is from France and is working under a temporary visa.

No further information was immediately available.

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