Driver Crashes Into Bus Stop in Northwest Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade Police responded to a crash at a local bus stop Thursday afternoon.

It happened outside the Miami Heart Center at 4150 Northwest 7th Street.

Police said the driver lost control while trying to avoid a wreck with another vehicle and crashed into a bus bench and then the heart clinic. An elderly woman in a wheelchair was sitting near the bench and was hit with debris.

"I saw the car coming toward me, and then I was on the floor," Mayda Gonzalez explained.

Minutes before the incident, first responders said a group of people were at the stop, waiting for the bus, near the curb where the vehicle lost control.

"Somebody panicked and then obviously accelerating and losing control of the vehicle. But this is what we deal with a lot of times and we're just happy this did not turn out into a mass casualty incident," said Lt. Iggy Carroll with Miami Fire Rescue.

Fire rescue crews responded but no one was transported to the hospital.

A similar crash happened at the same bus stop back on Nov. 4, 2015. Two people were injured in that crash; the driver and a man sitting on the bench.

Owners of the clinic said pillars were put in place after the November crash, to stop an incident like this from happening again, but said the pillars didn't stop the damage Thursday.

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